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A Grilled Cheese That's The Boom

A sticky,jammy center of caramelized shiitakes and onions takes this grilled cheese to another level.

A sticky,jammy center of caramelized shiitakes and onions takes this grilled cheese to another level.

Got cheese?

Got bread?

Then you know you have the makings for a simple yet sensational meal.

Especially if the cheese gets all melty and oozy all over that bread.

"The Great Grilled Cheese Book: Grown-Up Recipes for a Childhood Classic"(Ten Speed,2018),of which I received a review copy,will show you just how special that combination can be.

The cookbook is byEric Greenspan,a graduate of both the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Paris.He also trained under such celebrated chefs asAlain Ducasse,David Bouley,andJoachim Splichal.

The Los Angeles chef made a name for himself with his grilled cheese when he opened the Foundry on Melrose in 2007.He's now the owner ofThe Roof on Wilshire,where a grilled cheese is indeed on the menu morning,noon and night.


With 50 takes on grilled cheese,this book offers up both simple and fully loaded versions of this iconic sandwich,from the "Monterey Melt"(poached sush-grade tuna and sharp Cheddar),and "Frenchie"(crumbled blue cheese and date marmalade),to "Prime Time"(brie with roast beef and beet-horseradish mayo),and "Redberry Crunch"(Gouda with raspberry chutney and pecan brittle).

"The Boom"is a vegetarian grilled cheese that tastes downright meaty,thanks to caramelized shiitakes and onions that get coated with home-made Worcestershire sauce.酱汁是微风,too.Not only that,unlike store-bought Worcestershire sauce that uses anchovies,this one is vegetarian,even vegan.

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Re:Think Wants You To Rethink Ice Cream

Re:Think's Almond Asteroid,a more healthful ice cream.

Re:Think's Almond Asteroid,a more healthful ice cream.

Think ice cream is off-limits in a healthful diet?Think it's too fattening?Think it's merely a once-a-month treat — if that?

Napa'sRe:Think Ice Creamwants you to rethink all of that.

Founder George Haymaker has created an ice cream that has about half the calories and a third of the carbs of premium ice cream.It's also loaded with protein,prebiotic fiber,anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.And it's low glycemic.

Sound too good to be true?Or to even taste decent?

I had a chance to try samples recently of its eight flavors: Mint with Chocolate Flake,Chocolate Majesty,Meyer Lemon Poppy,Coconut Matcha,Coffee Hazelnut,Turmeric Ginger,Almond Asteroid,and Cardamom Pistachio.

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Inside the Cockscomb Cosmos

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Behold the signature bacon chop at Cockscomb.

Cockscombis a place you come for outright fun.

Chef Chris Cosentino‘s South of Market restaurant in San Francisco is all excess,abandon and liberation.Well,with an invisible layer of deft control over it all because it is by a "Top Chef Masters"victor who is one of the most skilled and versatile chefs around.

Inside the soaring two-story space,there's a bit of a medieval lair feel to it.There are flames spewing from the grill where ginormous cuts of meat get seared,a buffalo head stuffed and mounted on the wall,and an eclectic assortment of items arranged on shelves such as a plastic pig sticking out of a vintage meat grinder.If Jon Snow walked in,it probably wouldn't take him long to feel right at home.

On a recent Saturday night,when I was invited in as a guest of the restaurant,the place was packed with seats filled at tables and the counter by the open kitchen,along with a parade of folks filing upstairs to the second dining room (with its own Juliet-like iron balcony no less),where groups are usually seated.

A sign above the open kitchen.

A sign above the open kitchen.

The eclectic collection decorating the walls.

The eclectic collection decorating the walls.

Cosentino wasn't there that evening.He may have been in Houston,where just days before news broke about his new restaurant planned there,Rosalie Italian Soul,菜单的灵感来自他的意大利的祖母。Located inside theC.Baldwin Hotel,it is expected to open this fall.It will join his mini empire of hotel-based restaurants that includesJackrabbitin Portland'sThe Duniway,andAcacia Housein theLas Alcobas resortin St.Helena.

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Love,Set,Match Milk And Honey Cake

A honey-buttermilk cake with a filling of honey whipped cream.

A honey-buttermilk cake with a filling of honey whipped cream.

If there is such a thing as a man's man or a woman's woman,well then,this is a cake's cake.

"Love,Set,Match Milk & Honey Cake"is from the new cookbook,"Simple Cake: All You Need to Keep Your Friends and Family in Cake"(Ten Speed Press),of which I received a review copy.It's byOdette Williams,a native Australian who now makes her home in Brooklyn,where she's an apron designer.

The genius of this book is not only that the recipes are definitely simple,but encourages you to mix and match cakes with your choice of various frostings and fillings.

Simple Cake

There are 10 basic cake recipes — all that you really need,Williams declares.That's because each cake recipe provides suggestions on flavor variations and topping choices,not to mention baking directions for turning the recipe into cupcakes or mini Bundts or a square or rectangular cake instead of a round one.

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A Meaty Snack

Jeff's Famous Jerky (front to back),Korean 必威国际Beef Jerky,Turkey Thai Satay,Jamaican Jerk Beef,and Smoked Paprika Steak Tapas.

Jeff's Famous Jerky (front to back),Korean 必威国际Beef Jerky,Turkey Thai Satay,Jamaican Jerk Beef,and Smoked Paprika Steak Tapas.

After I finished a punishing cycling class at the gym the other day,I came home spent and reached for a much needed energizing snack — 必威国际beef jerky.

I know,I know,who would have ever thought I'd be typing those words?

Yes,I bypassed the usual glug of coconut water or bite of banana for a dried meat product instead —Jeff's Famous 必威国际Beef Jerky,of which I had just received samples of its newest flavors.

I don't know about you,but after sweating up a storm…uh,pardon me,perspiring daintily…I often crave a hit of salt and protein.Jeff's Famous 必威国际Beef Jerky satisfied on both accounts.

Founder Jeff Richards,a food service industry veteran,started experimenting with making jerky after purchasing a dehydrator from the county fair in the 1970s.In 2010,at the age of 55,he launched Jeff's Famous 必威国际Beef Jerky in Mission Viejo.He now makes a variety of flavored beef,bacon and turkey jerky,priced at $6.99 per bag onhis web site.

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