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BraveTart's Triple Oatmeal Cookies

With three types of oatmeal in these cookies,they are practically health food.OK,也许不是…

With three types of oatmeal in these cookies,they are practically health food.OK,也许不是…


Because I just want to inhale everything I see in“BraveTART”(W.W.诺顿公司)。

The new cookbook,of which I received a review copy,is by the talented Stella Parks,毕业于美国烹饪学会,a James Beard Award-nominated writer forSerious Eats,one of食品与葡萄酒magazine's "Best New Pastry Chefs,"和的创建者BraveTart blog.


这些不挑剔,厨师长给甜品镀上一层厚厚的花哨,让你的脑袋旋转。Nope,these are thoroughly do-able,designed for a home-cook to make in a home kitchen and to enjoy with friends and family at home.


Where to start with the 100-plus recipes?“有光泽的软糖布朗尼”(那令人垂涎的皱巴巴的纸质外壳)?“红酒天鹅绒蛋糕”(colored by Cabernet Sauvignon and raw cocoa powder)?“自制流行馅饼”(用自制的彩色喷头,不少于?With most of the recipes,Parks also suggests easy ways to riff on the original recipe.时常,she also includes directions for turning the recipe gluten-free.

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It's kind of like two treats in one.

It's kind of like two treats in one.

Is it a cookie?Is it a wreath?


这始于玛莎·斯图尔特的《经典面包》。recipe from her cookbook,“玛莎·斯图尔特的饼干”(克拉克森·波特,2008),one of my favorite baking books.

The butter-filled dough is pressed into a fluted tart pan to create one massive cookie that gets scored with a knife into wedges.在烘焙之前,你可以按方向将一个2.1/4英寸的圆形曲奇切碎器按到中间,形成一个类似甜甜圈的洞。

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Butterscotch and Fudge Brownie Bars — For Times When You Can't Decide

A chocolate brownie and a butterscotch blondie all in one bite.

A chocolate brownie and a butterscotch blondie all in one bite.

说到交换工作,breaking up with a significant other,搬到一个新的城市或其他无数的生活决定,我们犹豫不定,how many of us have gotten out pencil and paper to make the proverbial pros and cons list?


I know I have.Plenty of times.

It always helps.即使我经常吃惊地看到这个数字是多么的不平衡。

Thankfully,there are times when you don't have to choose one over another.这是罕见的。But occasionally,you can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to wrack your brain to take a side.

"Butterscotch and Fudge Brownie Bars"is just such a case.

Do I want a brownie?Or do I want a butterscotch blondie?

Hmm.Why not indulge in both?

With this recipe,you get exactly that.It's a fudgy brownie on top of a sweet blondie.每咬一口就吃两份。

食谱是老一套的,但是古蒂食谱,"The Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook"(Chronicle Books,2008),其中我在第一次出版时收到了一份评论稿,在我的书架上有一个突出的位置。

essential chocolate chip cookbook

这是长期的美食作家和食谱作者埃莉诺·克莱文斯写的。它还包括各种各样的在阳光下享用的巧克力屑——从“厨房水槽巧克力屑曲奇”中挑选的。to "Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cream Tart"to "Hot Chocolate Chip Brownie Sundae Cake."我把这本书保存了这么久,这有什么奇怪的吗?

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Have a Very Dorie Christmas!

A sophisticated brownie with the intense taste of almonds.

A sophisticated brownie with the intense taste of almonds.

包括一点格林斯潘in your Christmas to ensure it's a sweet one.

Greenspan is a baker extraordinaire who also happens to be great at savory cooking too.She can do it all,and it shows in her many cookbooks,Washington Post column,and her wonderful每日多莉blog that's followed by legions around the world.

她最新的食谱,"Dorie's Cookies"(Houghlin Mifflin Harcourt)of which I received a review copy,是一个518页的综合曲奇宝藏。

Cookie fans are sure to find something to love.像我这样的曲奇怪兽会孤立无援,不想一下子做出每一个菜谱。


有曲奇饼干,drop cookies,奶油饼干,甚至还有美味的鸡尾酒曲奇。我把很多食谱都登记了,包括“普林斯顿姜饼”,“魔鬼食品加巧克力酱的华夫饼”and "Triscuity Bites"(是的,用奶油干酪和碎三色点心做成的美味饼干)。

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The renowned pastry chef can do no wrong.At least in my book.Over the years,我做了很多她的食谱,and none have ever disappointed.She's also the co-owner of my favorite pizza joint,Pizzeria Mozza在洛杉矶,as well as nearby sister restaurantsOsteria Mozza奇斯帕卡.

“柴巧克力曲奇”是她最新的食谱,“莫莎在家”(Alfred A.Knopf),of which I received a review copy.这篇文章是由詹姆斯·比尔德奖获奖记者卡罗琳·卡列诺撰写的。


It's a dirty little secret that most chefs don't cook much at home.They just don't have the time.多年来,西尔弗顿也是这样,直到一次意大利之旅让她重新感受到为朋友做饭的乐趣,家庭,and even herself.

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